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4 Real [HD]

I give to you 4 Real [HD] iOS5.

Sleek & Professional Eye Candy for your iDevice.

This theme concentrates on the skinning the entire UI, Stock Apps, & many extras.

Captivate yourself while enjoying a theme that saves battery life using darker tones & subtle textures.

Included you will find:

- Fully themed UI
- Stock App Skins
- 3D Messaging Interface
- biteSMS Theme
- FaceBook Skin
- SBSettings
- Complete Status Bar Skin
- Settings Icons
- Minimal Lock Screen with more to be added
- FolderEnhancer Skin
- ColorKeyboard Theme
- ColorBanner Theme
- Many alternate App Icons
- Full set of Loading Screen
- PSDs for Icons, Loading Screen, & App Store Apps

NO EXTRAS REQUIRED, although FolderEnhancer & FiveIconDock are always recommended!


Pre:CarbonEvo [Elite]


Note:iPhone 4 themes are real 640X960 HD theme. Some of iPhone 4 themes can also be installed on IOS3.X.

Title:4 Real [HD]



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